Information on personal credit area

Mini-credit and personal loan institutions

Mini-credit and personal loan institutions

Nice Bank is one of the largest credit, mini-credit and personal loan institutions in Spain. Their credits can go up to $ 5000 and allow a loan repayment in up to 36 months. Among some of its advantages is the personal area of ​​its clients. At a single glance you will have access to the information of your current credits and those that you have requested in the past, as well as their status and you will be able to access their information. This type of personal or customer areas is very common in all credit institutions, in the following lines we explain in detail what the personal area of ​​credit consists of and what it is for. A critique at

To access the personal credit area you will have to go to their website. At this time there can be two situations, whether you are a customer or you are not yet:

  • If you are already a client and you have applied for a credit, you must click on the button in the upper right area of ​​the screen on the main credit page, where it says personal area. This button will open a page where you can enter your username and password or request a new one if you have forgotten or lost it.
  • In the event that you are not a credit customer, you must register, for this you have to click on the button. You must enter your DNI and your mobile phone where you will receive a code that you must enter in the “write your code” field.

Include viewing or modifying your personal data

Include viewing or modifying your personal data

From that point on, a form will begin in which you must enter basic information such as your name, surname, age, sex, address. Once the fields are completed, your registration will have been completed and you will be able to access all the functionalities of the personal area of ​​Nice Bank, which include viewing or modifying your personal data, requesting credits, viewing your active credits and your past credits, accessing the conditions of the different credits etc. From the personal area you will also see the money at your disposal and you can transfer it to your bank quickly and easily, also to your credit card.

The information contained in your personal credit area is important. That is why these data are safe and stored as indicated by law. This data is always protected so you should not share your user information and password with anyone. Some of these data include:

  • DNI
  • Phone number
  • Postal Code
  • Bank account
  • Movements made

Nice Bank is very concerned about its clients, so their attention is very careful and detailed and they always advise the best to Your clients. They can help you understand how the website and personal credit area works and they will be happy to do so. You can also access its FAQ section in case other users have had the same doubts as you at any time and are reflected in that section.

If you want to encourage yourself to obtain a credit with Nice Bank, do not miss the opportunity to visit our Loans and Cards section or through our comparator of credits and mini-credits. Or even easier. By clicking on the following button, you can access the Nice Bank website where you can calculate the credit that best suits your needs.

Home Equity Loans, What You Need To Know

In this article we will talk about home equity loans and everything you need to know about them. It is a very specific type of loan due to its peculiar characteristics. Let’s start by defining two basic concepts.

Home equity loan (definition)

Home equity loan (definition)

Home equity loans allow a person to borrow money using part of the value of a property as collateral. The entities that grant them take the property (floor, house or premises) as collateral for the operation. Thus, it works as a guarantee of repayment of the loan and compliance with its conditions. It is what is called: mortgage guarantee.

What is a mortgage guarantee?

What is a mortgage guarantee?

The mortgage guarantee is the right that is granted over a property to a bank or financial institution with which a commitment is made in the form of debt. In the event that the commitment acquired is not fulfilled, the aforementioned property will function as a return guarantee.

With these two basic concepts, it is already quite clear what a home equity loan is. Let us now go on to explain its basic characteristics and, above all, the advantages it has over other types of loans.

Special features of home equity loans

Advantages of borrowing secured property

One of the main characteristics of home equity loans is that the requirements for obtaining them are a little more flexible. It is true that it is necessary to demonstrate having a minimum income and also provide a home as a guarantee. Precisely the latter is what makes them open to a type of user profile to which other types of loans are not granted or are not so easily granted. So, if you are a pensioner, self-employed or have a temporary job, you do not have to worry, you can also access loans with a mortgage guarantee. What’s more, even if you are enrolled in the debtors list, or other delinquent files, you can request a mortgage-backed loan.

Advantages of borrowing secured property

As we have mentioned, among the most important characteristics of loans with a property guarantee is the fact that they are granted to all types of clients. This is a huge advantage for all those users who may be included in any of the defaulter files in our country. In addition, the response period by the entities is usually much faster than when requesting other types of credits or loans.

You usually don’t have to justify why you are asking for a home equity loan. And finally, and very important for a certain profile of applicants, it is not necessary to demonstrate that they have a regular income, since what is taken as collateral is the property itself. This is a great advantage for some people who cannot access other types of credits, but instead can opt to take out home equity loans.

Obtain a credit of 1000 dollars: for what expenses?

Borrow 1000 USD to lighten your daily life

Borrow 1000 USD to lighten your daily life

Everyday events or your plans may generate costs for which you do not immediately have the funds available.
Thus the vagaries of everyday life lead to the payment of expenses that we did not necessarily provide for in your budget: unexpected bill, car breakdown, health problem, household appliance to replace.
Some projects also require paying fairly large amounts such as professional training, small jobs in their accommodation, the purchase of a scooter or an expensive appliance.
To take the plunge and cope with these expenses, a credit of $ 1000 can make it possible to pay with complete serenity these invoices and to spread the expense over several months, thanks to monthly reimbursements. How to subscribe your credit to 1000 $? Many traditional organizations offer loans of up to $ 1,000. However, you can also choose to split your cash requirement into several installments. Indeed, Intrasavings Bank offers microcredits which go up to 600 $. You can borrow via our platform by spreading your monthly payments in 3 or 4 times.

Why apply for a loan from Intrasavings Bank?

Why apply for a loan from Intrasavings Bank?

The advantage of a contracted loan.

Your needs covered for your projects. Whether you need to repair your car, treat your pet urgently or replace a broken phone, applying for a microcredit can help you finance part of your needs.

Student, young active person in search of autonomy, in CDD, in interim or in CDI, our credit offers are entirely accessible to you. You can now finance your daily projects with ease and peace of mind.

A boost from $ 100 to $ 600 Intrasavings Bank does not yet offer to borrow $ 1,000 but you can apply for credit for amounts ranging from $ 200 to $ 600. This quickly gets part of the funds you need for your projects.

Fast online credit: Intrasavings Bank micro-credit

Fast online credit: Intrasavings Bank micro-credit

In many cases, we apply for credit for a loan of $ 1,000, while our needs are spread over time and credit offers exist for smaller amounts. They make it possible to quickly finance in advance part of the planned expenses: $ 600 of plane tickets before the start of the vacation, $ 400 of deposit for your new apartment before moving in or $ 300 of advanced costs related to your activity professional.

With Intrasavings Bank, you can apply for credit for amounts ranging from $ 100 to $ 600, repayable in 3 or 4 months. A request is made in five minutes via mobile, tablet or computer, no paper proof will be asked to send. Then, your loan request is processed in 24 working hours and you receive the funds in 48 hours (deadlines except weekends and holidays).

Advantage of online credit with Intrasavings Bank

Advantage of online credit with Intrasavings Bank

I was looking for a micro credit of 400 $ to pay for my move. I had found a permanent contract which started in September, but I needed to settle in during the summer holidays. I got my loan in 24 hours.

Farah – insurance manager, 34 years old

The opinions of customers

The opinions of customers

Fast, very good except that the maximum amount could be 1000 USD and in 4 installments borrowed 400 USD to finance his studies. Service at the top pity that we can not have more like 1000 USD I recommend Intrasavings Bank for its speed to respond to the request for micro credit borrowed 600 USD to furnish his home

If you didn’t exist you would have had to invent yourself! Very very good mini loan site, as fast as lightning every three months I renew my loan and I manage to get out of it with flying colors thank you for existing and I hope you will make mini loans of 1000 USD refundable over 5 months thank you a thousand times borrowed 300 USD to finance his vacation Quick. Very short and respected deadline; I recommend. Too bad the amount that we can borrow is not a little higher. The maximum should be 1000 USD. borrowed 300 USD to buy household appliances Perfect, fast, serious, too bad we can’t borrow up to 1000 USD

Unemployed loans 2020 how to get them

Premise: the arctic intends to conduct a mini survey on what are the types of loans and loans for unemployed online. We will also mention the most obvious ones which are such because they are known by most people, but not really by all. Some forms of credit for the unemployed will be fine for the current 2020, others regardless of the current year. And again. Other types of financing are intended by law on the basis of the status of unemployment rather than unemployment, so that they foresee the difference between loans for unemployed and unemployed.

Others still according to the purpose, that is between personal loans x unemployed and loans for unemployed to open businesses. Let’s start with the best-known solutions, all of which fall into the category of personal loan for the unemployed which would be the form of credit where cash, liquid money will be disbursed, to be spent as needed.

Loans to unemployed with guarantor

Loans to unemployed with guarantor

The presence of a guarantor is useful provided that who guarantees the unemployed has the merit and income requirements. Then, it is the turn of loans to the unemployed with guarantees : the guarantees we are talking about are varied but grouped into 4 categories:

a) personal guarantees (the aforementioned third guarantor);

b) collateral (movable and immovable property);

c) guarantees deriving from annuities (e.g. rental of a property, maintenance allowance, etc.) or from illegal employment;

d) where possible, guaranteed payments with bills. The aforementioned guarantees can coexist all or in part. Let’s see the case in which one or more of the above guarantees is missing.

Let’s start with the hypothesis of loans for unemployed without guarantor.
Being without personal guarantees (such is the signature of a guarantor) involves a big problem that can be solved only with the takeover of any real guarantees, i.e. registered real estate or movable property (vehicles, of any kind) can be mortgaged or pledged a personal asset (also of third parties), or still demonstrate, also through bank movements or contracts, the revenues referred to in letter c) that are “formally” compatible with the status of unemployed… If, finally, you are just without no guarantee is part of the hypothesis of loans for unemployed without guarantees which provide the following solutions.

Personal loans for unemployed without guarantees.

Personal loans for unemployed without guarantees .

We specify that the term “without guarantees” will be understood as the lack of any annuity, income or paycheck, if you wish, but also the total absence of property for the unemployed person. In such cases, only the extreme and residual forms of credit remain: the loans changed, the one between private individuals and the structures (public or private non-profit organizations) that provide microcredit. We do not know more than this…
We conclude by recalling that all the solutions proposed so far are related to personal loans to unemployed people who, we repeat, belong to that credit segment that provides liquidity to be spent freely. However, things are different if the credit applications are aimed at opening a new business, so we are in the defined area of ​​non -repayable loans for unemployed people who want to start their own in the course of 2020, which we will discuss now. First a quick mention of loans for unemployed students where we specify that a student is not a real unemployed person as studying as well as an investment for the future is, as long as studies remain, a job in all respects. Be that as it may, students also have a range of funding opportunities in 2020 described in student loans to which we refer.

How to get them?

How to get them?

Here the mentioned difference between the unemployed (who has never worked) and the unemployed looking for employment (who had a job but, for any reason, no longer has it) comes into play. Yes, because the above difference is in some cases relevant. To be precise, to access some loans for unemployed people who want to start out on their own, based on the type of call & competition (European, state or regional), you start with an unemployment of at least three months (for some calls) and you get up to at 2 years (for others). An example we are talking about is given by the Car Loan (see loan of honor invitalia) pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 185/2000, according to which you must have been “unemployed” for at least six months.

How to get a pre-granted loan?



When asked if entities can deny a pre-granted loan, the answer is very simple: until the contract is legally signed, obviously they can deny it. Given this situation, in this article we want to clarify some terms and some situations in which financing applicants can be found. 

What are pre-approved loans , what reasons lead to a denied loan or what to do about a denied mortgage after appraising the property are some of the questions that we are going to answer today. 

What are pre-granted loans?

What are pre-granted loans?

Pre-arranged loans are those that banks offer to people who are already their customers. They are clients whose profiles are already well known, successfully complete their credit risk studies and, therefore, are target clients who do want to leave money with them.

Characteristics of pre-granted loans

Characteristics of pre-granted loans

They are not for everyone. They are only offered to those clients that the bank already knows who have an adequate profile. 

The amounts are usually less than for consumer loans. They are accustomed to oscillate between 2000 and 20 thousand dollars, always depending on their solvency study and assets deposited in their entity. 

The concession is usually agile. This is so because the entity has previously made a study of the client in question, without the client requesting it. 

The conditions are already fixed and cannot be negotiated. 

Many people wonder if the same entity that has offered them the product can later deny them the pre-granted loan. The answer, as we already advanced at the beginning of the article, is yes. 

It is true that, before offering a pre-approved loan, the bank or credit institution carries out some preliminary studies. But this does not mean that once the product is accepted by the customer, no more exhaustive checks are carried out that end up in a denied loan. 

Denied loan: the most common reasons

Denied loan: the most common reasons

Getting a loan is sometimes not so easy. And much less if it is requested from a traditional bank. There are many reasons that can lead the bank to deny a loan. We are going to tell you the most common ones:

Applicant’s age

Most banks are wary of both very young and very old applicants. If you are under 23 or over 65, this may mean that you are denied the loan. Take a look at our article on retiree loans for more details and to find the solution you are looking for. 

Check in delinquency files

Many loans are denied for this reason. Not appearing in files is one of the mandatory requirements for traditional banks to grant financing. In this article we tell you how to get out of debtors list and we show you that with financial companies getting financing is possible. 

Credit history and solvency

Before granting you a loan, they will check, on the one hand, that you have a clean credit history. In other words, up to now you have been able to return on time and without problems all the monthly installments of your previous loans. 

In addition, they will also ensure that your level of indebtedness never exceeds 35% of your total income. If you want to know more about the requirements to fulfill when applying for a loan, don’t miss this article from our blog. 

Being unemployed

Most of the time an unemployed person applies for a loan, it is denied. The pre-granted loans are totally non-existent for them. Fortunately, there are financiers who can afford to be less demanding and find alternative solutions for their clients. In this article on our blog we already talked about loans for the unemployed. 

In short, the reasons for a denied loan can be many and varied. But, as you will have seen, all is not lost. With entities you can find the financing solution you are looking for. 

Is it worth extending your loan?

The bank may accept an extension of the initial loan period if the customer fails to pay the installments. Extending the loan results in a decrease in each of the next payments. Thanks to this, you can easily balance your home budget. However, this solution has a serious disadvantage. After its application, the customer must pay the bank more interest.

In addition to the higher interest, you will have to pay for the annex

credit money loan cash

Examples of the effects of extending the repayment period are presented as part of the following examples. They relate to two cash loans worth USD 15,000 and USD 40,000.

Example 1

A person with a cash loan of USD 15,000 and a fixed interest rate (10.00%), after two years extends the original repayment period (60 months) by another 18 months.

The initial equal installment after taking into account the commissioned loan (4.00%) was USD 331.45. Until the extension the customer pays USD 5327.80 from the initial debt (USD 9 672.20 remains to be repaid). After changing the terms of the loan, the installment will amount to USD 232.08 (decrease by 29.99%).

Due to the extension of the repayment period, the sum of installments will increase from USD 19,887.00 to USD 20,487.12 (change by 3.02%). The client will have to pay an additional USD 33 (excluding inflation) for extending the loan period by one month.

Example 2

A person with a cash loan of USD 40,000 and a fixed interest rate (9.50%), after one year extends the original repayment period (96 months) for another 24 months ce.

The initial equal installment after taking into account the credited commission (3.00%) was USD 614.33. Until the extension the customer pays 3612.56 dollars from the initial debt (36 367.44 dollars remain to be repaid). After changing the terms of the loan, the installment will amount to USD 517.56 (decrease by 15.75%).

Due to the extension of the repayment period, the sum of installments will increase from USD 58 975.68 to USD 63 268.44 (change by 7.27%). For extending the loan period by one month, the customer will have to pay an additional USD 179 (excluding inflation).

In the above examples, the total increase in interest expenses would be slightly smaller if the customer later decided (e.g. after four years) to extend the repayment period. Nevertheless, the results presented should be treated as an argument which testifies to the disadvantage of a longer repayment period. It is also worth remembering that the calculations made do not take into account any possible fees for drawing up an annex to the contract, changing the repayment schedule or restructuring the debt.

Fortunately, such fees for a cash loan are much lower than for mortgages

Fortunately, such fees for a cash loan are much lower than for mortgages

In the largest domestic banks, the cost of annexing the contract, restructuring the debt or changing the repayment schedule usually does not exceed USD 100 (see the table below).

The four analyzed banks charge a commission instead of a flat rate depending on the debt balance (see the table below). The said solution is not very beneficial for a customer who has a high value cash loan.

An interesting alternative to the debtor are credit holidays

credit score

The extension of the cash loan repayment period should be considered by those who, due to certain events (e.g. reduction of salary or illness of their loved ones) by debts time will have lower income. In such a situation, you must try to extend the repayment in advance. Negotiations with the bank will certainly be more difficult if the customer pays several installments late. It is better not to allow this situation. It results in additional costs (e.g. interest for late payment and fees for sending reminders).

Bank customers who have increased expenses only for a certain period of time may consider taking advantage of a loan holiday or grace period in paying out capital installments. Such solutions are usually associated with long-term housing loans. In practice, they can also be used by people who have borrowed cash for consumption.

After a temporary deferral of all payments (credit holidays) or the principal part of the installment (grace period), the bank proposes to keep the original loan period or extend it for several months months. The latter solution results in a less noticeable change in installments and a larger increase in interest over the entire loan period.

Credit vs. Debit Cards – what’s the difference?

On this occasion, we think we can lend you a hand, making you think about the key points that you should reflect on before requesting one or the other.

Responsible person with your financial situation

Responsible person with your financial situation

The first and most important thing is to criticize yourself and think about whether you are a responsible person with your financial situation. Having a credit card means being very aware of your finances and being much more responsible. Think that the moment you contract a credit card with your entity, you assume a debt and that you must have enough financial lung to satisfy it at the time of settlement. If you are a less organized and more clueless profile, our recommendation is that you opt for debit cards; fewer scares, fewer surprises, only allowing you to use the money you have.

The money you spend be discounted with each purchase

The money you spend be discounted with each purchase

The second point to keep in mind is if you prefer that the money you spend be discounted with each purchase or if, on the contrary, your choice is the end of the month. You may not want to finance your purchases and bear the burden of associated taxes, but on the contrary, you would prefer a single settlement at the end of the month of all expenses to have a complete view of what you have spent that month and be able to so plan better. In this case, opt for a credit card but with full payment at the end of the month.

Keep an eye out! Make sure you have liquidity in the current account associated with the card at the time the receipt is going to be passed or you will be overdrawn. Depending on each bank, being in the red can cause additional costs. In the event that you prefer that the money be discounted at the exact moment in which you make the purchase, your option is the debit card. You will see your available balance decrease with each use, allowing you to have a real view of the money available.

Do you have other debts?

Do you have other debts?

Next point; Ask yourself if your current situation allows you to take on debts. There are several points that you have to keep in mind and that will help you answer this question in an objective and responsible way. Do you have other debts? Do you have enough income? What regular expenses do you have? Do you usually have unexpected commitments? Do you sometimes find it difficult to make ends meet? If after answering these questions you feel that your situation is not as stable as you would like, opt for a debit card to avoid the temptation, thus assuming more debt. If, on the other hand, your accounts are healthy and you enjoy a stable and secure situation, you will have no problem assuming a payment at the end of the month, or a deferred payment to finance your purchases.

Intend to postpone the payment of your purchases

Intend to postpone the payment of your purchases

The last point that we consider you should take into account when choosing is if you intend to postpone the payment of your purchases. If you are clear that the answer is yes, you have no other viable option than to proceed with the hiring of a credit card, since they are the only ones that allow you the deferred payment method. The only thing that you have to be clear about is that the installment payments will entail the payment of certain fixed interest.

Since financial institutions obtain profitability when clients opt for a credit card with a deferred payment, they often share these benefits in the form of advantages for clients. It is usual that with the contracting of this type of plastics, you have discounts, free insurance, access, event tickets and a long etcetera depending on the entity with which you are going to contract it. If you still have doubts about what some of the cards may offer you, go to our cards and loans section.

Round-the-clock loans on the card


Online payday loans can be a solution to many problems, so the demand for such financial services is really high. However, of course, it is important to be able to receive such financial support at a time convenient for clients. One of the most popular credit services is a loan online to the card around the clock.

What is it?

What is it?

In our modern time, it’s no new thing for anyone that even a loan can be issued via the Internet. And most importantly, you can use this option around the clock. Loans online to the card around the clock. The client decides how much money he needs and for how long. Therefore, his decision must be carefully considered. As the name implies, a microloan can be filed round-the-clock even at night, the application will be reviewed as soon as possible, and the financial analyst of the selected company will decide whether the person will be able to pay this loan regularly or if he needs to look for some other option for himself.

A quick card loan around the clock allows you to improve the financial situation of many families, which is why it is so readily used by many clients of microfinance companies. However, you need to carefully calculate your amount in order to be sure that the family earns enough money for the timely payment of fees and does not have any serious legal consequences. Microloans on the card are an ideal choice for people who are in a difficult financial situation and do not know how to get out of the situation.

The first card loan in many companies is free, it just means that you have to return as much money as you actually received. This is good information for potential customers, because you do not need to burden your thoughts with the fact that you have to pay substantial interest. However, it is worth remembering that only the first loan is free, interest is accrued on the next one, but there are a lot of such offers on the market, so for some time you can borrow money for free.

A loan online around the clock allows you to apply at any time. This, of course, is a very interesting option in the financial market, because not every company can afford such a convenience. Sometimes there are situations that require money, and they are necessary at the least anticipated moment, for example, late in the evening. A visit to the bank is automatically excluded, but customers have the opportunity to apply for a microloan on a card around the clock.

As a rule, a loan decision is positive for a client in this situation, unless someone has very large financial debts, and they are registered in separate registers, which are checked before a decision is made by representatives of non-banking companies. However, the most important thing is to analyze your creditworthiness to find out how much loan you can afford.

How soon can I get a loan on the card?

How soon can I get a loan on the card?

Clients of credit companies who apply for a payday loan often need money for very urgent expenses. When time plays a key role, there is no doubt that we will only consider offers that guarantee instant payments. Fortunately, there are many companies in the lending market that make transfers within 15 minutes. Such microloans can be invaluable in case of protracted financial problems.

Lenders who offer credit online around the clock usually offer their services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The method of checking consumers applying for payday loans at any time of the day or night is based on modern algorithms. They do not require the intervention of a consultant, they instantly check all the necessary information, for example, about a credit history or person.

A microloan can be issued if the following conditions are met

  • Age at least 18 or 21 years.
  • citizenship.
  • passport and code.
  • Availability of email.
  • The presence of a mobile number.